5-Minute Arm Toning Workout

Hi beauties! I'm going to lead you through a super quick arm toning workout that you can do from home.

I'm going to use light weights but you can do this with weights or without, you'll still get a great workout for your upper body.

So let's go ahead and get started.

You can start in a seated position or you can do this standing – whatever works for you right now, but whichever position you're in, just take a nice big inhale and feel your spine lengthen up to the sky.

Relax the shoulders.

Start to draw your abdominal muscles in, front to back and side to side.

So you feel like you're getting supported all around the midsection.

From here we're going to take the arms up into a high V position, flip the palms over, and lower down.

Flip and raise, flip and down.

Flip and raise, flip and down.

Good, from here, while you're doing this, I want you to keep your shoulders strong on the back so making sure that shoulders aren't raising up to your ears but they're staying steady and relaxed.

Ff this bothers your shoulders for any reason, you can just go half way.

So you could just come to about here and down.

Pick what works for you and remember to sit nice and tall drawing your abdominal muscles up and in.

In order for this to be a Pilates workout we have to think of our body as a whole and we have to think of that strong core and good alignment.

Let's do three more here and two and good.

From here, bringing your arms up to a T, slight bend of the elbow and we're going to circle forward.

Small circles – nine, eight, seven – keep sitting tall.



four, three, two, one.

Reverse the circle for ten, nine, eight.



good, think of your shoulders, think of where the arm connects to the upper body, to the torso, that's where we want to be working right now.

Good, now from here, bicep curl and release.

Bicep curl and release.

Keep the upper arms parallel to the floor and Bend and release and Bend and release.

Good, three more, two, and one.

From here, tuck the elbows into your side.

Down and up, down and up.

Keep your shoulders relaxed on the back, your collarbone nice and wide, and your spine nice and long.

Three more, two, and one.

Now from here, shoot your arms straight forward, sit up a little bit taller and bend and extend, bend and extend.

Again that upper arm is staying right where it is in space, parallel to the floor.

Good four more – four, three, two, and one.

On the next one bring your arms to what is called goal post position, so you're in this nice L shape with your arms.

Sitting up nice and tall, make sure you don't arch through your rib cage.

Close your ribs and from here you're going to just squeeze your shoulder blades together and release.

Squeeze and release.

Squeeze and release.

Good, make sure you're not arching your back.

This is truly just trying to isolate the upper back right between those shoulder blades.

Three more – three, two, – one.

Good and release.

You can give your shoulders a few circles, just kind of loosen up some tension there, maybe just crossing your arms one over the other and shaking it out.

Great job.

You are done for the day! Feel free to come back to this quick upper body workout whenever you need it.

I hope you enjoyed this quick video.

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