Baruch Bearcat Drills with Dean: Backpack Workout 1

Hi guys, how’s it going? It’s coach Dean from Baruch’s Bearcat Bootcamp and uh today I wanna bring you guys a nice little workoutroutine that you can do at home given certain, you know, given the currentsituation and circumstances that you guys are going through relax in thefacilities but here’s a nice little workout that you can do at home withminimal equipment.

All you need for this exercise is a bunch of books and yourtrusty old book bag alright? So I’m gonna show you guys how we can do a fullbody exhaustive routine with just books and a book bag.

**Stuff books into book bag here** And, yeah we’re gonna go with thatI think it’s going to be pretty heavy all right and we’re going to start withthe nice little uh, let’s do a lower body routine first.

We’re going to go through a few lower body exercises and then we’re going to do a few upper body exercises And I think uh, we’ll finish this video with some core exercises that we can do.

Alright? So the first exercise we’re going to do a front squat So I’m going to take my heavy book bag and I’m going to put it on in front of me like so.

Right, I wanna make sure that, this is a little difficult to do at that rate.

Pull the strings down, right there lock that in so it comes in nice and tight and put that on.

And what we’re going to do, is stand up straight and we’re going to squat down, one.

Or I can hump the book bag.

Whichever one pleases you.

Alright, so I can go here.

One, two.



making sure that I have real good squat mechanics.

So I’m going to turn to the side for you.

I’m here pushing that butt out.

I’m not pushing the keep forward And I’m just sitting down.

One, keeping my back nice and erect.

Two, three, four and I’m really feeling that The next exercise we’re gonna do is the reverse lunge.

As you can see, my backpack is now on my back.

I’m gonna start with both feet right under my shoulders, my chest is up and I’m going to step back with my right leg and that’s one and that’s two And that’s three.

Alright guys, so just finished the reverse lunge Now we’re gonna go into our lateral lunge and we’re going to keep the book bag on my back just as it was in the reverse lunge I’m going to bring my feet togetherright over my shoulders, chest up nice erect posture and we’re going tostep out and hinge my hips to the back and I look like this and step upthat’s one, up and that’s two and let’s show you what that looks like to theside alright so I’m still here and I’m out up, trying to keep my torso as erect possible and up, alright.

so the next lower body leg exercise we’re going to do is going to be asingle leg dead lift.

Now I’m using this this single leg especially because you canonly load the bag up to so much right and I really want to stress those legmuscles so now I’m going to place one foot behindright so there’s a little balance that’s involved in this exercise and I’m goingto try to go down touch the floor right I’m gonna hinge from here I’m gonnadrive it I’m going to squeeze the butt and I’m gonna drive myself back forwardso I’m going here drive one from here two again three I’m making sure that I’m notpushing my knee forward right I’m pushing my butt back changing and as we call itright and my knees kind of place right over my ankles right it’s not going toforward it’s not too behind, it’s right there over my foot and from there and justdrive it up right that’s gonna be a really good glute and hamstring exercisefor you guys and now we’re going to do one of my favorite exercises – the kettle bell swing but we’re using our backpack.

Very important here make sure you have a firmgrip on your backpack when you’re doing this exercise so I’m going to grab mybackpack here and it’s just like when I was in thesingle leg deadlift I have that hinge going right I’m going to start with a counter movement on the back so I’m here counter movement I’m going to sweepaggressively drive my hip forward and squeeze and up and you gotta make sure you’re not squatting cause we’re not squatting We’re not doing this and that.

We’re hinging.

we’re just going on here back fly up here and up here and up making sure thatyou’re really squeezing those hamstrings, and squeezing those glutes and that’s how you do a backpackkettle bell swing all right let’s now get into our upper body exercises.

We’re going to start with a push-up and as you can see I still have my backpack on my backnow if it is too heavy you can take out some books down or you can just take the backpack off altogether.

So I’m gonna get here just like I would with a regular pushup.

Now down, I like to keep my elbows nice and tight – up one, two, three, four alright so now we’re going to do asingle arm row where we’re going to hit those back muscles okay so I have my bag hereflat on the floor I’m gonna grab on to the straps and that’s gonna be my handleso before I’m gonna kind of take a step back as if I was doing a lunge a reverselunge and I’m gonna grab my backpack make sure my rear leg is out of the wayI’m gonna go here and I’m gonna pull all the way up and get my elbows behindso I’m going to 1 2 3 4 5 alright and that’s how we do thesingle arm backpack row.

Now if you wanted to do double arm backpack rowit would be simple.

I’ll just grab both straps here turn around a nice hinge-like position and pull both elbows back number 1 2 3 4 5 6 and that’s how we doyour double arm row here here here.

Boom! We’re gonna now get into some shoulder workso what I’m gonna do, I’m gonna grab my backpack on the side just like that and I’m goingto do a frontal raise so I’m going to go from here slightly bend with my knees, I just like to slightly bend my knee.

It gives me a lot better, more stable base So I’m here now, raise up 1 2 3 4 5 6 and now we’re going to get into a bicep curl so with that I’m going to spread my feet apart trying to get a nice firm, comfortable base pull my hand right here right in front of me, drop my elbows in front I don’t want my elbows getting behind me I want it to be a little bitin front of me right here and I don’t want any swinging going on so then I’mgoing to go from here down squeeze that bicep 1 nice and slow squeeze 2 right3 4 try to keep this nice and steady 5 plus six and get that nice gun pumpgoing.

We’re gonna to a tricep extension and for thatdefinitely gonna have to take some of these heavy books out we’re gonna grab my book bag we’re going get up this position Iwant to raise, keep my elbow close to my body drop down kind of like a deadliftsingle deadlift position right and then I wanna extend right there, two.

I don’t want sweep from the shoulder right so I shouldn’t be doing thisright.

I want to control this book bag.

Open out and hold right therenice and easy at the end.

And that’s our full back tricep extension now we’regoing to do our core.

We’re gonna start with the overhead crunch so I’m gonnatake my backpack raise it over my head.

Not here, not outto here, here! I want to keep this over my head at all times.

Now I’m gonna crunch up by lifting my shoulders off the ground squeeze 1 – have a nice little squeeze at the top, 2 3 4 5 6 making sure I’m having a nicesqueeze at the top for our next core exercise we’re gonna do a russian twist I grab my backpack here bend my knees up to here And it’s nice, pin on the ground – 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10.

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