Daniel’s Favorite Back Rehab and Core Conditioning Workout

Hello everyone this is Daniel withFitnessBlender.

com and today I’m taking you through some of my favorite lowerback and core conditioning exercises.

It is a great routine to do either just thewarmup just to cool down or the whole thing all the way through.

If you want tolearn a bit more about how to do that you can read it in the description belowotherwise let’s go ahead and get started with the warmup.

Alright everyone we will be doing each one of these exercises for thirty seconds a peace just nice and slow working our waythrough let me get my timer started here we’re going to be starting off with juststanding toe touch sweeps so just nice and slow basically going down to try totouch those toes.

So spread those feet just a little wider than shoulder-widthapart and go down one leg across the other back up a little bit of backwardlean and then back around the opposite direction just nice and slow startworking that circle bigger and bigger as you start feeling like you’re looseningup just keep those lungs open no holding your breath keep that back relativelyflat all of this should be hinging from those hips and now wrist which is justhinging from those hips you go around your shoulders forward around pause theback all the way around back the opposite direction pause in the back andjust back and forth this time keeping those hips straight up and down all ofthe motion just coming from around that torso just keep those lungs open againno holding your breath and then try to stretch that circle bigger and bigger asyou go all right we do warrior side bed so feet go out even wider hands come outto your side you’re gonna bend off that left knee stretch over with that righthand back up to Center in the middle and then same thing off the other sidestretch it over and back up just alternate back and forth again keepingthose lungs open trying to get a stretch that torso a little bit into that insidethigh we’re gonna drop down onto your knees we’re gonna do a cat to cow sohands and knees gonna drop that lower back gotta dip it down and then arch itup start out just with the movement and then as you go try to exaggerate it moreand more I’m going straight into bird dog tostanding exactly you’re staying right exactly where you are one hand one footopposite leg and arm come up slowly down and then opposite side bring those upsqueeze it and slowly down keep this motion slow under controlno quick movements you’re trying to get a nice full range of motion with a bitof a squeeze at the top as you contract rather than trying to do it quickly soright hand left foot all right we’re gonna go straight into a cobra to shellso then flatten out onto the ground you’re gonna stretch that back up for aCobra those hips on the ground shoulders back and drop it down and move back intothat shell then right back out again into that Cobra so kind of do it alittle bit of a push up in between look around onto your back we’re going to bedoing plenty leg pull next some legs out grab behind that five pull in with theother foot hovering and switch it over pull that in leg in other leg stayshaving this nice and slow back and forth keep that lower back pressed down intothat mat just all staying back and forth nice and slow and under control flipover onto your stomach you’re going to lift those legs and one at a time justall sing back and forth nothing fancy and I try to add anything else to itjust try to pull that leg up a little bit higher every single time whilekeeping that leg straight so no bending at me just keep those lungs open you know come up on that tailbone we’regonna sit you can either cross those legs in front of you or keep them outwhichever is more comfortable you can keep that torso straight up and tallthey’re just gonna rotate left or right using only your core to get that motionno touching your legs with your hands you’re just rotating that torso back andforth so no rotation those hips no leaning spine is perfectly straight justa rotation directly above those hips now you’re gonna kick those legs out youdon’t have them out already nice and wide and we’re gonna do a saw so you’regoing nice and slow with the opposite arm forefoot go to the outside of thatleg so left arm to right foot right arm to left foot and then back to Centerevery single time exhales you drop down inhale as you come back up to Centerkeeping those legs nice and straight relax all right so give yourself just alittle of a break we’re going to come right back and start into the moredifficult exercises here in just a second all right everyone let’s go aheadand get ready for the workout portion of this we’re doing each one of theseexercises for 50 seconds apiece with a 10 second break to get ready for thenext exercise so this will go actually relatively quickly so try to payattention and we’ll try to move through this as cleanly as we can all right solet me get my timer started here we’re going to be starting off with aninchworm so I would suggest actually standing up for this one I’m gonna dothis from a kneeling position just you can see me a little bit better butyou’re going to start with your back perfectly flat and you’re going to veryslowly tip your chest forward and then flatten it out again so you’re gonna bea little bit at an angle so round your back and then flatten it out againaround your back and then flatten it out again so you’re just kind of going downjust a few inches at a time just trying to get a little bit more range of motionas you go and then do the exact opposite on the way up so arch up roundour shop round arch up around and fill your back to a full straight positionright back down again keep those ones open no holding yourbreath good job take a text I can break here when I move on to just traditionalcrunches to get in lay flat on your back hands behind your head nice and slowcrunch up trying to pull your shoulders down into your hips rather than tryingto crunch up towards your knees so it’s just crunch forward and actually kind offeel like you’re crunching those hips and towards your shoulders at the sametime keep that lower back flat against that mat keep everything contracted niceand tight if you feel like having your hands behind your head is actually toodifficult for you feel free to bring them in front of your chest is to makeit a lot easier if behind your head feels really easy then go to a fullextension to make it even harder nice slow controlled motions remember as youcrunch your shoulders down towards those hips feel like you’re crunching yourhips back up told you towards your shoulders at the same time and let itrelax removing to a reverse crunch so we’re actually going to stay in theexact same position but this time instead of crunching your shouldersforward we’re mean lifting your hips up so handsout nice and wide just so you’re not touching those hips legs came up andyou’re just gonna push those hips straight up off the ground trying tolift them up off of that mat don’t swing your legs we’re not using momentum ifyou feel like you’re doing one of these kinds of thingsstop bend those knees slightly just shove those hips straight up in the airno moving those legs at all all that movement is just coming from that lowerback pushing those hips up just keep those lungs open exhale as you squeezeup inhale you drop back down keep that momentum under control so nice and slowon the way up and on the way back down that relax alright where you’d actuallybe in the same position again we’re doing windshield wipers this timerotating those legs left to right so starting with your knees stacked niceand slow your drop them off to one side and then the other if you want to getthose arms really nice and wide to help control that position the key here is togo as far as you can without letting those shoulders come up off the groundso just rotate as far as you can try to get that that knee to actuallycompletely touch down to the ground as long as that opposite shoulder isn’ttouching excuse me is touching is still touching the ground you don’t want tolet it lift up and if you want to make it more difficult extend those legs outto a full extension add that extra weight in there otherwise keep thoseknees bent for a slightly easier version alright stomach flip doing a backbonerotation so there’s a backbone with a little bit of a twist so you’re going tocome up and rotate down up and rotate on the opposite side just alternating sidesnice slow controlled movement again trying to lift your chest and yourshoulder up as high as you can each time no quick jerking movementskeep it a nice steady pace all the way through the easiest version is going toactually be with your hands tucked to your sides next harvest is in front ofyour face and hardest is arms fully extended you can also use a dumbbell -some really small dumbbell right in front of your face to help make it thatmuch more difficult if you’re needing a more of a challenge off of this let’sall relax sorry we’re moving to my right all right let’s hear all right plank hipdips are next one so we’re stay right where we are as we come up into apush-up position your elbows elbows and toes or elbowsand knees if you can’t quite hold a full plank and you’re going to drop your hipoff to the side tap it and the same thing on the other side like I said thisis the hardest version if you go from elbows and toes if you have to or if youneed to you can drop down to knees and elbows but if you can try to keep it upon those toes you want to engage those core muscles as tightly as you can norotating your shoulders you’re just twisting at the hips dropping downbarely barely touching all right back up we’re gonna do a few these versions ofplanks all the way around that core just keep it going and let it relax all rightwhere I flipped over onto your back arrange it the exact same thing inReverse bring those hips up off the ground tap those hips off to the sideback and forth now you can see your knees don’t bend the opposite directionso to make this easier you’re gonna need to put either something like a bench ora couple of towels some stacks of books maybe even a foam roller underneath thethose calves or knees to bring that leverage point in just a little bit moreto make a little easier otherwise this is gonna be the easiest version you cando without any extra pieces of equipment the only way to make it harder from thispoint is actually just strap weights on those hips to make them a little harderso using something like a weighted vest or ankle weights focus on just a littlebit of rotation to those hips tapping side to side and that’s italright we’re gonna switch to one side now we’re gonna do the left side firstsame exact thing for those hips but this time just try and keep those shouldersperpendicular to the ground so shoulders try to stay the stationary as possibleyou know tip those hips forward tip them back don’t completely compress forwardit’s just a little bit of a roll in those hips again if you want to makea little bit easier bend those knees this is a very very small differencefrom tipping those hips forward to tipping them back because like I saidyou’re trying to keep those shoulders as stationary as possible just rotatingfrom that torso if you can it was like oh we got there for that full extension same thing on the opposite side switchit over these are version those on those kneesharder version is a full extension so a little bit of tip forward with thosehips shoulders perpendicular we’ll move a backward tip with those hips so tohelp you keep from rolling those shoulders forward feel like you’reactually pushing your shoulders in the opposite direction that you want yourhips to go again if you need to you can always jump onto those knees for theeasier version the only way to make it harder let’s go to those that fullextension with those legs and then adding weight from there but make sureyou have the motion and then control over this first before you ever startadding any kind of weight let that relax all rightdoing a marching Bridge next so back you on your back again flat on your backfeet tucked in bring those hips up and freeze them right where they arelet them tip don’t let them rock back and forth here lift one leg at a timelift it up off the ground not very high just a couple of inchesthen same two things to the other side we’re not doing any kind of extensionwith that leg I’m not trying to move quickly here or get a lot of range ofmotion this is about keeping those hips stationaryyou have to really work all those stabilizing core muscles to make surethat hip doesn’t move when you’re doing at home you might notice it as you lifta leg your entire hip will kick to compensate for leverage work as hard youcan not to let those hips move so it’s just moving those leg that hip and letit relax all right I told you would go fast so all we have left is our cooldown and stretch but this is just as important as these exercises so makesure you don’t skip it we’ll be right back in just a second you alright let’s go ahead and finish upthat cooldown we’re going to be doing each one of these for 30 seconds ofpeace so let me get my timer started here our next exercise is going to be aseated toe touch so we’re just going to be sitting on that tail bone kick thosefeet out in front of you nice full extensionjust going to stretch down as slow as you can as low as it’s comfortable downtowards those toes once you start feeling that a lower back or thosehamstrings start to tighten up just get a good little stretch there and justhold it as they loosen push a little bit more into it so if youcan’t quite touch those toes don’t worry about it it’s just about feeling thatstretch just let it relax alright bring those feet in nice and close together and you’re just going to lean forwarduntil you feel inside that hip socket stretch a little bit just trying to do areally nice deep stretch in that hip so keep that back nice and flat no roundingyour shoulders forwards as soon as you round your shoulders forward you knowloosen that stretch so flat back tip forward and just breathe normally allright so chest we’re gonna kick that right leg out left leg tucked in you’regonna reach down towards that right toe chest open up forward and you’re gonnatip over that arm over top your head just let it stretch I’m going to feel itto the back of that leg and through the side of that torso just a little bit andyou’re just gonna hold it there and as it loosens up you’re just going to movemore and more into it let’s stay right here we’re going to take that chest andwe’re going to twist it down towards your leg that other arm comes straightout trying to leave even it out with the leg that was there before and you’regoing to try to get a little bit more of a stretch through the back leg in alittle bit different location so just hold it there breathe deep try to let it relax the best you can andwe do the same thing on the other side so that other leg kicks out so left legout right leg in starting with that chest open again reach over top gettingthat stretch to the back your leg and to that torso just get it’s good a nicegood stretch without it being painful and it starts to loosen just push intoit a little bit more again hold this position we’re gonna slowly rotate thatchest down towards your leg just straighten those arms out so they areeven just keep those lungs open should feel a nice extra stretch to the back ofthat leg roxrite lay flat on your back I’m goingto bring your left leg up grab behind I’m sorry your right leg up grab behindthat knee stretch up towards that leg just a little bit let it downand then right back up pull in and hold so you kind of stretch that hamstringagain just another little bit different way and with that one drop and do thesame thing on the other side so left legs can go out straight you gonna bringit straight up over top that hip pull in let it relax all the way down to theground and then right back up again grab behind that thigh one more time pull inas tight as you can as Titus is comfortable long you can keep that kneestraight crunch those shoulders forward towards those hips towards those shootthat thigh let it relax bring that right leg over top of the left grab behindthat left thigh and pull in for a deep glute stretch you should feel it in theleg of the right leg have the glute and hip of that right leg it’s pulling asclose as comfortable as it starts to loosen up just like all the stretchesjust pulling just a little bit more as that stretch starts to loosen switchsides nice and slow left leg over top of your right this time slowly grab behindthat thigh and pull and pull it as far as is comfortable just feel that stretchin that hip of that left leg and just hold it there pulling in a little bitmore as that stretch starts to loosen there you goslowly let it back out relax all right that is it now if that was pretty easyfor you going through this first time or second time or third time next time youcome in try to do a little bit more challenging version of each one of thoseexercises if you’re already doing the most challenging version the next timetry to add just a little bit more weight whether you need to use holding adumbbell or you have to use something like an ankle weight or or weighted vestto get just a little bit more effort out of itkeeping with this especially those stretches if you want to go through allthose judges we just did for a little bit longer hold each one for a littlebit longer it’ll really really help loosen up and that that core as well asthose exercises help to tighten and in the right places rather than havingtight ligaments or tendons making sure that all those muscles are nice andtight and making sure those ligaments and tendons are nice and supple and canmove easily so hope you guys like this let me know if you want to see more likeit I’ll see you guys next time this workout is complete bye guys.

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