How to get google play on kindle fire

how to get google play on kindle fire (1)

You’re able to set up Google’s Play Store and access each Android program, such as Gmail, Chrome, Google Maps, Hangouts, and the more than one thousand programs in Google Play.

This does not even need rooting your Fire Tablet. Once you run the script under –this process must take less than a half an hour –you will have the ability to use this Play Store as possible on another ordinary Android apparatus. You may also set up a normal Android launcher and flip your Fire into a more conventional Android tablet.

There are two ways of doing so: one which involve installing a couple APK documents in your tablet, and one which entails running a script from a Windows PC. The first is easier, but because of the finicky nature of those methods, we are including both here. Should you encounter trouble with you, see if another functions .

Update: We have experienced some subscribers mention that Choice One is not working for them, though it’s still working for people –along with other subscribers have since reported that it works for them, also. Should you experience difficulty, you need to be able to get it working using the ADB procedure in Option Two farther down which utilizes a Windows PC to set up the Play Store.

Choice One: Install the Play Store Out Of The Fire Tablet

We tested this original strategy on a Fire HD 8 operating Fire OS, but subscribers have reported it working on variation 5.3.2 also, and on the 7″ Fire Tablet. It also works on a Fire HD 8 operating Fire OS, that was the newest software at October 2018.

You can check what version you’ve got by going to Settings > Device Options > System Updates and taking a look at the model number near the peak of the display, but for the time being, the version should not matter.

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Before beginning, go into Settings > Safety and empower”Programs from Unknown Sources”. This will let you set up the essential APK files which will provide you the Google Play Store.

Following that, you will find four .APK documents you will have to download, utilizing the built-in Silk browser onto your tablet. The simplest way to do so is to start this up tutorial from the Silk browser and then click the hyperlinks below, which will take you to the download pages. All these include from APK Mirror, a recognized and Reliable resource for Android APKs.

Google Play Services APK (utilize this variant rather if You’ve Got the 2017 Fire HD 8)

To download every APK file, click the link, scroll downand tap “Download APK”.

The download will begin soon. As it does, a pop-up will look stating that this form of file can damage your device (do not worry–it will not ). Tap on”OK” if the pop-up looks.

After every file downloads, then do exactly the identical thing for another APK file before all four documents are downloaded.

Close from the Silk browser and then start the built-in file manager program in your Fire desk named”Docs”.

Your APK files will look in this folder. Just tap on you to start installing it. Make sure you set up the APK files in the sequence which you downloaded them in the listing above.

On the following screen, confirm the setup by tapping “Install” in the base. Toward the upper-left corner it will say that APK you are installing, so again, ensure that you install them in the ideal order.

NOTE: In case your”Install” button is grayed out, consider turning off the screen, turning down it, and unlocking your Fire tablet computer. The Install button must turn from grey to orange, letting you continue with the setup.

Repeat this process for every APK file before all four have been set up.

In case you have problems installing those APKs or Play Store isn’t working later, make certain your Fire tablet computer is not set to install programs to a SD card. You can test this from Preferences > Storage > SD Card.

After that is completed, the Google Play Store program will show up on the home screen of your Fire tablet computer. If you tap it, you will have the ability to sign in with your Google account.

It might not seem to work normally after you register, but just give it some time. This may take up to ten minutes.

Otherwise, begin looking for and downloading all of programs you need –such as Chrome, Gmail, or other things. If they do, they will inform you and take you to the Google Play Services webpage at Google Play, where you are able to upgrade Google Play Services with a single tap.

As a result of Gilly10 about the XDA-Developers forums for providing this technique. In case you need troubleshooting assistance, head to the XDA-Developers forum thread to learn more.

Choice Two: Install the Play Store in a Windows PC

If the above instructions do not work for you for any reason, try out these slightly more complicated, but still serviceable directions.

Step One: Educate Your Fire Tablet
You’re going to require a PC and also a USB cable to achieve this. The cable as well as your Fire Tablet will do the job just fine.

In Your Fire Tablet, open the Preferences program and then tap”Device Options” below Device.

Find the”Serial Number” area on this webpage and tap it differently. Harness it more times and you’re going to notice a”Developer Options” alternative look below it.

Find the”Empower ADB” choice this webpage and exploit it to trigger it. This attribute is generally just for programmers, which means you will want to agree with the warning to last.

After allowing ADB access, join your Fire Tablet to a personal computer using the included USB cable. Windows should find it properly and obtain the required drivers. Proceed to the next step–in case you have some problems, you can try installing Google’s USB drivers as explained in measure three of the manual . But in my machine, everything functioned .

NOTE: The script we urge below lets you install the drivers at another manner, but we do not enjoy its own method. It motivates you to install unsigned drivers as part of the bundle. This is not only a security threat –it is actually impossible to perform on contemporary 64-bit bit versions of Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 without rebooting and disabling driver signature verification. Again, it should happen automatically, so it’s possible to consider the script’s directions from date.

It needs to be possible to simply download several programs in APK type and set up them. But should you do so you will still have to use this add control to place the permission on a minumum of one of those programs. So, instead of doing so long way, we are going to use a script which matches the programs and sets the permissions for you.

In your PC, see the Root Junky site and get the”Amazon-Fire-5th-Gen-Install-Play-Store. An extract or unzip the contents of this .zip file into a folder in your PC. Double-click that the”1-Install-Play-Store. Bat” document to start.

Unlock your Fire tablet computer and consent to the”Permit USB debugging” request. If you do not find this choice, close the Command Prompt window and then start the .bat file over again.

When you get to the very first screen, type”2″ and press Enter to get the instrument to install that the Google Play Store.

You will need the appropriate drivers installed to this, naturally. However if you watched the”Permit USB Debugging” prompt in your Fire tablet computer and have consented to it, then you will understand the drivers are already in functioning order.

The script will install the necessary packages on your Fire Tablet, such as Google Play Services and the Google Play Store program.

Reboot your Fire Tablet if you are requested to do so. Simply long-press the power button, then tap”OK” when you are asked if you would like to shut down it, then turn it on again.

You may unplug the Fire Tablet out of your computer today, also. You might also need to disable the”Enable ADB” choice you allowed earlier.

Once you reboot, you will discover that the Play Store and Google Settings shortcuts to your house screen. Harness”Play Store” and you will have the ability to sign in using an existing Google accounts or create a new Google account.

It might not seem to work normally after you register, but just give it some time. This may take up to ten minutes.

Now you can search the shop and set up Google apps like Gmail and Chrome which are not available from the Amazon App Store. Any Android program from the Google Play Store ought to function –in concept.

If they do, they will inform you and take you to the Google Play Services webpage at Google Play, where you are able to upgrade Google Play Services using just one tap of a button.

As a result of a_shadow about the XDA-Developers forums for composing some of the method upward, and Root Junky for your own script. In case you need troubleshooting help or you would love to get this done manually with no script, then head to the XDA-Developers forum thread to learn more.

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