Introduction to HIIT – Workout 7 | NHS

Hiya guys, welcome to InstructorLive.

Sotoday, we have the 100.

What you’re gonna need for this is a towel, water and mat.

As always, get it to the back of your working space.

We’ll start straightawaywarming up and then I will tell you all about what’s about to happen.

So bring upthose knees, what’s about the happen? So yeah, it is a little bit of a challenge.

Now the way the 100 works: we’re going to build it up – I’ve chosen 5 exercises.

Nice, tough exercises for you advanced.

Lift up those knees, roll the shoulders andand we’re going to build up to doing 100 repetitions of each exercise, okay? So it’llbe 500 in total by week number four.

When we move into month 2, we’ll bechanging the exercises.

So it’ll be the same structure, just 5 differentexercises, okay? So, what we’re gonna do okay, this week we’re doing four rounds of 15repetitions, okay? So we end up doing 60 repetitions of every exercise.

Next weekyou’ll be doing 18 repetitions full time through Then it’s 20, then it’s 25 rightat the end when you have built up to 100.

So you’re rolling these shoulders guys, getnice and low in those legs.

We need to do a nice thorough warm up because it isquite intense.

Now today because we’ve got less repetitions and because it’sthe first week, we’re really gonna be going over the technique of theexercises but remember the exercises will also be in that form video guide okay?So you can always revert back to that if you really wanna master the techniques alittle bit more, if you feel like you’re not 100% sure.

So let’s really reach!Reach! Its a bit slower this warm-up, so really use the music to gofull-out with the actual warm-up exercise.

That’s it.

Really stretch as faras you can, keeping those shoulders away from the ears.



Two more each side! Reach! Good! One! Watch the change, you’re reaching up.




Push! That’s it! Really stretching up and over, and getting down into the knees, or into the legs I should say.

Bending those knees.


So! Exercises that we will be doing today are: press-ups! So guys, please, please feelfree to do full press-ups today.

We’ve been practicing them in upper body blastanyway.

Hopefully some of you’ll be able to do them or if you just want to do oneor two sets of full press ups, you can do that and then drop down to your kneesand do three-quarter ones.

That’s absolutely fine.


Four more! Up! Down! Up! Down! Good.

Reach it down! Down! Up! Up! Good.

Other side! That’s it.

Keeping that stomach in guys.

Yeah, so you’ve got press ups! Now the frog squats we’ve been doing in the lowerbody lean class, we’ll be jumping those today mm-hmm.

So we’ll go over, that don’tyou worry.

We’ve got v-sits, we’ve got burpees, we’ve got alternating lunges, okay? Soit’s stuff that you’ve all done I’m sure, especially if you’ve done someof my classes on InstructorLive before.

Just step and touch guys.


Just go through the music, it doesn’t matter.


Now take those toes up! Weight in the heels, just a few squats to get those legs Thoroughly warm.

Down! Squeeze it up! Stickthat bottom out, weight in the heels, don’t let those knees overshoot the toes.

Keep the shoulders back.

Make sure you’re pushing up through the heels on the wayup, really activating those glute muscles, that bottom, yeah? Good! Very nice! Soremember this is still just a warm-up! So this week, like I said, will be a littlebit easier.

While we’re going through the technique, you’ll get a little bit more rest.

Then next week we bump it up to 18 repetitions per set.

Good! You should get nice and sweaty, feel niceand challenged already today, okay? Down! Now remember if you’ve got any questionsguys, as I always say live community, fire away.

If you’ve got anything you wantto know I will try and help, I’ll give you my advice whenever I’ve read it, okay?Seven.

Six more.

Up! Five.


Three! Two! One! Good.

Shake it out.

Give me a little jog.


Up and down.



Full focus guys.

So it still is quite a short class, don’t worry it’s a 35-minuteclass.

So that’s good! A nice blast but it won’t take too long.

Full body workout.

Fat burning, working into the anaerobic zone.

So we’re really improving that fitness butshredding fat as well.

It’s a nice side effect of the class like this.

Buildingstrength as well; muscular strength, explosive strength.


Very nice guys.

Keep that stomach in, bellybutton into the spine, keep it strong.



Round! That’s it.

Get down.

Reachup and round! Awesome! Now remember you can have water whenever you want guys! You knowthe score you, know my classes! I can’t see you anyway if you’re taking a break, so you have to keep motivating yourself, alright? Try and stay with me.

We’ll havewater in between each set but I’m never gonna stop you from having it if you reallyneed it, okay? So guys! First of all, and I won’t have to go over this to preparetoo slowly because we’ve been doing it loads in upper-body blast, and if youguys have chosen to do this advanced class then I’m pretty sure you’ve donepress-ups quite a lot before.

So I’m just going to do the 3/4 ones today, so by all means do that with me but if you want to do full ones – please, please, please, really go for it! So I’ll go over it quickly.

Hands out – we’re doing wideones so working that chest.

Up into like a plank position, but the arms areslightly wider than the shoulders.

You’re not directly under the shoulders, just sowe’re activating that chest a bit more.

Push up! So you’re going down and up!Elbows right out to the side, really engage that core! Get down and up.

remember it’s 15.

For those of you who are doing it with me and doing 3/4 ones.

That’s cool! Just as we’ve been doing inupper-body blast – tucking the pelvis here.

You’re not sticking thatbottom in, you are pulling it round like that.

So you’re going down all the way tothe floor and back up, yeah? You’re not going down like that, that’s putting fartoo much pressure on that lower back! So we’re gonna do 15 of those, then I’llbreak down the next exercise and so on and then the next three rounds, we’re justgoing to go back to back, okay? So yeah, this is the nicest round haha.

With a littlebreather in between.

Okay are you with me? Yeah? Let’s start it guys! The 100 begins!After four! Three! Two! Come on! Bellybutton in! Down! Up! Up! Three! Four! Five! Keep it solid!Ten more, and nine! Eight! Seven! Six! Last five! Four! Three! Two! One! Awesome! Cool.

Only 45 to go.

Right guys, so secondexercise.

Like I said, it’s that froggy squat.

So just really, really masterit.

Remember as we’ve been doing in lower body lean, feet are at ten-two position.

You’re aiming to get the bum as close to the floor as you can.

So you’re reachingdown but because you’re reaching down, don’t compensate and reach down to touchthe floor, okay? You’re pretending you’re gonna touch the floor but if youhave to lean over and arch the spine like this to get there, it’s not worth it.

So just keep the arms right in front of you, stick out that bottom.

Weight’s in theheels and then you push up, yeah? Now when we push up, we’re gonna jump it this time.

So let me show you.

We’re going down, down, down, down.

Stomach in.

Now from here, push through the heels.

You’re reaching up with thearms and you’re gonna land toe-heel.

So watch! Up! Toe-heel, but you land in that squat.

Up! Land nice and low, and then when you’re landing here, it makes you have to push up from here, and by that, you’re gonna get a betterworkout okay? So what I don’t want you to do is jump up, go there then go down.

Iwant you to push up, land low.

Yeah? Got it? Right, you’re gonna practice.

Nowyou’re also working on the inner thighs as well.

So keep those knees in the samedirection as where the toe is going, okay? That’s going to keep everything in oneline and also, try and keep the weight central.

I know it’s a lot to think about, it’s a bit like this, but we’ll get there.

Yeah? Now if it’s far too hard, you can alwaysjust go back to the frog squat without the jump.

Absolutely fine, but if you’redoing this class I definitely want you to give it a go.

Unless you’ve got anykind of knee problem or whatever and then get in contact with me on the livecommunity page, and I can give you an alternative.

Okay? So! Are we ready? 15 of them, that’s all.

Yeah? After four, and three! Come on guys!Two! Now keep that chest out! One and with me.

Down, up! Down, up! Three! Four! Five! Six!Seven! Push through the heels! Five more! Four! Three! Two! One! Good.


Number two done.

Third one! We’re down on the floor! Working the abs.

So lie down on your mat.

You should feel the burn in the backs of those legs already.

They’re tough! so v-sits.

You’re lying down on the floor, legs are in the air.

Gluing the feet together, okay, like you’ve only got one leg.

Now the more yousqueeze these feet together, the more you’re engaging the inner thighs whichis great.

Okay you’re gonna lift the arms above the head.

Now the main thing aboutthis exercise is to keep that lower back from the floor, don’t let itarch like this.

As soon as it does, just checked out your technique and getback into it, okay? I don’t want you to put strain on this lower back.

So up inthe air, chin away from the chest.

We’re going down with the legs.

Simultaneouslyyou’re bringing the arms down.

Now see my back’s flat on the floor? Ifit starts to arch, you just don’t bring the legs as far down okay? So we go down, and pull up.

Chin away from the chest.

Exhaling and inhaling.

Keep that breathgoing, don’t hold the breath.

Keep the belly button into the spine.

Really suckit in.

The more you’re gonna do that, the more you’re gonna form the abs flat and that’s what we want, right? Okay.

15 with me.

Yeah? After four.

Four! Three! Two! Lets go! Down! Reach.


It’s a great exercise guys for lower and upper abs.

Ten more.

Eight! Last six! Five! Four! Two more! Awesome! Cool.

That’s it done.

So we’reup on to our feet! Next exercise is our alternating lunges okay? So same as we’vebeen doing, apart from our arms are in the air.

So you start with your feet hip-width apart.

Stepping forward.

Making sure that kneeis over the heel – but you know this! Then you push up through the heel, stand up straight.

Opposite and done, okay? So this one we’re going to do sixteen.

Just so wekeep it even.

So we’ll do two rounds of sixteen, and two of fourteen, okay? So first one sixteen.

Arms in the air! Are we ready? After four! Three! Stomach in, shouldersback.

Down! Push! Down! Don’t let the arms make you hyper extend, and also don’tarch forward yeah? Number six! Ten more! Down! Nine! You should find these pretty easy, Six more, and five.


Four! Three! Two! Last one! Lovely!Last exercise! Probably all of your favorite, we’re gonna do burpees.

So just watch the technique now.

I’m sure a lot of you have done burpees but forthose of you who haven’t, please just make sure you’re getting it right.

So westart with a nice jump okay? Feet hip-width apart.

Swing the arms, jump up to the ceiling Now when you land, you’re landing toe-heel, and down as far as you can into a squat-like position.

Keep that stomach in.

It’s so crucial because we’re leaning forward, and any kind of forward bendputs pressure on the lower back.

So you jump up, down.

Stomach in, you lean down totouch the floor.

Now when you’re here, you put the hand underneath theshoulders.

Now from here you’re gonna jump back, okay? So pressing through bothfeet, weight in the toes.

You’re pushing back into plank position, jumping it.

Sowatch me.

Jump out! Now you’re keeping everything solid like a plank.

So whatyou don’t want to do is this.

That puts again too much pressure on the spine.

Solet me just show you.

Jump out! Squeeze the gluts, that really keeps you solid.

Thenyou jump back round, feet flat.

Stand back up and back up to that jump, to donumber two.

Okay? Now if it’s really, really tough for you guys, and you can’tmaster that jump yet.

When you jump down to here, you can step it out then jumpback in.

Yeah? That’s an alternative.

Now if you need any other are kind ofalternative or something’s not quite feeling right, please get in contact onthe live community page.

Or if you want to practice technique a bit more, obviously you’ve got the form guide as well, okay? So I really break itdown there and give you alternatives.

So, with that in mind 15! Yeah? With me! Afterfour! Three! Two! Then we have a little break guys.

Let’s go! Up! Two! Number three.

Four!Standing all the way up.




Reach! Good.

Five more! Four! Three! Good.

Last one, and have a rest.

Okay? Round one done! Three more to go! It’s alright, we’ll go a bit quicker now.


Really nice guys.


So we’restarting with those press-ups, straight into the froggy squats, or froggy jumps Ishould say.

If only they were squats haha, be much easier but hey we want achallenge right? You’ve got to stretch the body to change it and it’s alwaysthe exercises that you hate the most, are the ones that the body needs.

So with that in mind, yeah, make the ones that you don’t like theones that you grow to love, and I promise you that’s when you’ll start to seechanges in the body.


Are we ready? Enough of my chitchat.

Let’s just get onwith it guys! Round number two! Straight through every exercise.

Ready? Press upposition! Round two of the 100, week one! Let’s go, and one! Two! Three! That’s it!Come up with me! Number five! We’ve got ten more guys! Nine! Seven! Six! Up on our feet after this! Four more, andthree! Squeeze the abs, squeeze the bottom.

Up! Get the feet nice and wide! Let’s doit! Jump up! Down, up! Down, up! Like a little frog, or a big frog.

We’re quite bigcompared to real size frogs.

Whoo! Five more! Push through the heels.

You’ve gotto, to really get the right muscles working, and relax! Good! V-sit’s!Fabulous.

Lie down on your back, legs in the air! Ready, and down! Two! Good.

We’ve got 10 more guys! Chinaway from the chest! Reach! Up.

Then you get that crunch.

Whoo! Five more! Four!Lunges after this! One! Lovely.

On your feet.

Ready?Feet hip-width, arms in the air! Let’s go! Sixteen.


Back straight, stomach in! Keep looking directly in front of you.

Seven more! Nice and low in those lunges.

Hip bones both facing forward.

Three more! Are we ready for burpees? Last one! Allwe are! Straight through! Whoo, two! Three! Eight more! Good.

Last five! With me guys! Four! Whoo! Two! Two done, two go.


Have a minuteshake it out.

If you want water, have some.

Whoo! Now my heart rate’s up high! So we’ve done 30 of everything, another 30 to go.

Very good Whoo! Feeling pumped? Yeah? Feeling fit? Orfeeling tired? I promise it will get a little bit easier round three.

Yeah? I hope it will anyway haha.

I’m promising myself that.

No, seriously it will, cosyou just get in the zone.

Yeah? First two always a bit of a shock.

Ialways find the third one the easiest.

Fourth, we’ll worry about when we get there.

Okay guys! 15 press ups.

Let’s just get it done.

We’re strong! Four! Three! Two! Let’s go! Up! Up! Three! Four! That’s it! Who’s doing full ones?I’m sure there’s lots of you out there who are! Five more! Four! Three! Two! One!Stunning.

Get up! Ready? 15 froggies! Four! Three! Two! Whoo! Down, up! Try and point the feet in the air, it justengages the quads a bit more.

Easier to land in the right way.

Five more! Two! One! Good.

Down on the floor.

Legs in the air! Ready? Go! Lovely guys.

Number four! Five! Justremember, good bodies don’t come easy! You do have to push yourself.

You do have towork.

It does have to be tiring.

If it was easy, everyone would do it Two more! Last one! Yes!Roll up! Now you’ll be happy there’s less lunges – 14 this time! Every littlecounts right? Four! Three! Arms in the air! Let’s go! Good.


Three! Two! One! Yes! Burpees!Four! Three! Fifteen! Go! Whoo! Ten! Nine! Coming to the end of our thirdset! Seven! Whoo! Five! Two! Last one! Oh wow!Three down, one to go! Amazing.

Have water! Sogood guys.

If you’re like me, finding it hard to speak, you’re in the right place.

Sojust test yourself, even if you’re on your own.

I won’t tell anyone you’re talking to yourself, but do.

Have a little go.

Just say ‘hi me.

I’m tired’ and you’ll see that it’s quite difficult to speak.

That means that youreached your anaerobic zone and your heart rate’s insanely high, which is what wewant.

That’s great for us burning fat after we’ve finished the class as well whichis what we want, right? So yeah, well done! Now with all that in mind, you’ve got tothink about your full set now.

Now how much easier was the third right? Yeah? Yougot through it! You’re there! One more left! I’m like, grasping my bottle, hoping for more water, and I’ll get some after class.

Silly me.

I keep drinking itand I know there’s nothing in there.


You live in hope.

Anyway, it’s fine! We’regoing to go.

Again, it’s actually better to just take sips of water guys, thangulping, cos especially when you’re jumping these burpees, or frog squats, thewater swishing around in your tummy, and it can make you feel a little bitnauseous, okay? So just make sure, for classes like this, that you’rereally hydrated beforehand and then you rehydrate afterwards as well okay?That’s when you can gulp and really drink lots of water.

Okay! Another thing that’s a quick little tip is to hydrate quicker after class is to drink coconut water.

Okay, it replenishes electrolytes that your body loses through sweating so water alone isn’t enough, okay?You need to replenish the, like I said, electrolytes and minerals, the salts.

Sococonut is the natural way to do that.

As long as you check it’s got no addedsugar.

Anyway! I’m dawdling now myself.

Let’s do fourth set! Yeah? After four! Three! Press-up time! Go! Up! Up! Three! Squeezeeverything! Four! Breathe! Good.

Number eight! Nine! Ten! Five more! Up! Four! Up! Two more! Last one! Boom.

Up youget.

Froggies! Four! Three! Get in position! Go!Up! Whoo! Seven! Eight! Come on! Five more guys! Four! With me! Three! Two! One ! Yeah.

Lie down! V-sits! Let’s workthese abs, upper and lower abs.


After four! Three! Two! Go.

Ten more!Last six! Five! Squeeze the feet together guys! Two! Backon the floor! Chin away from the chest! Whoo! Good.


Arms in the air, you’ve got fourteen! After four! Three.

Two and.





Seven! Eight! Good.

Four more! Two more! Last one! Very nice.

Burpees!After four! Come on! Last set! Three! Blast them out! Let’s go! Four! Five! Six! Good.

Number eight! Squeeze in those abs, don’t let that back arch! Five more! Whoo! Three! One more! Stunning.

Well done! Let’s just stretch out quickly.

Whoo! Really great work guys.

Shake it up.

Feel aright? Inhale.

All good.



and again.

It’s quite hard too Good.

Now turn to one side, let’sstretch out these calves.

Take one leg back, heel on the floor.

That’s it!Nice, straight body.

Feel the calf stretching out.

You’ve got to maintainthe back heel on the floor though, that contact.


Other side.

Really nice.


Shake it! One heel forward.

Weight inthe back leg, stick out the bottom.

Stretching out the hamstrings here aswell.

They’ve worked hard so I want this toe up to get another stretch in the calf.

Againyou’re leaning forward, but I don’t want you to arch the spine, chest out.

Great! Other side.

Really good.

So yeah guys, let me know who is with meon the 100, this challenge.

Even if it’s only, I’m doing the 100 with you! I justlike to know who’s with me basically.

Roll up.


Lie down? Yeah? I think we all deserve a little lie down.

So we’ll stretch out the lower back.

Probably my favorite stretch ever so you’ll always be doing this inmy class.

So great because you get that nice stretch in the chest and in thelower back.

So drop the knee to the floor.

Arm’s up, elbow on the floor.

Hand on theother side.

Heart rate should be coming back downnow.

A little bit at least.

You can hear with mine that it is because I can speaka little bit more clearly now.

Before it was hard.

Hmm! Good.

Other side guys! Gently pull round.

Up and over with the leg.

Great work.

So feel really proud of yourselves fordoing that.

It’s a tough class and it’s just gonna get tougher.

However you willbe ready for it.

Yeah? At the end of the day, next week: it is harder.

You’ll do 72reps of everything instead of 60 but if you break it down, it’s only three extraper set so it’s doable, right? Then you’ll be stronger anyway because of doing thisone.

So it’s all good.

Okay roll over onto the back.

Completely flat.

One foot down, other leg up in the air.

We’re stretching out the hamstrings.

Very important! So as Ialways say say guys, I’d rather it straight not bent.

So really make sureyou’re extending the leg.

If you can’t grab behind the calf, grab behind thehamstring.

Absolutely fine.

Try and maintain the contact on the floor with the hips.

That’s it, and just breathe into this stretch.

So crucial tostretch out guys.

It’s gonna help with the muscle ache in the next couple ofdays, but it’s also gonna lengthen the muscles back out again, okay, giving you anicer shape.

Also gonna help prevent injury.

Just drop this leg down, stretch this same side’s glutes; bottom.

So one arm is going through, one arm round.

Yeah! Gorgeous.

That’s it, just a little bit longer.

Really nice.

Okay, and swap sides.

Hamstrings first.

Very nice guys.

Gently pull it a little bit closerto you, and relax.

Excellent! Drop the leg down.

Lift up! Round, through.

Voila! Nice.

That’s it, and relax guys.

Gently roll round, stretch out the abs.

They got a real good workout today.

They were tough exercises: v-sits.

Really hard using the upper and lower abs at the same time.

It’s quitetough.

So like I said, the further you bring the legs down, the stronger yourlower abs have to be.

So if you find that your lower back comes off the floordoing those when you’re bringing your legs down, just don’t bring the legs downquite as far.

You’ll feel it.

Now reach forward.


Now step forward! Quads.

Push forward.

So if you can grab the foot like this, if you want to hold on to a wall orsomething, if you need that balance.

That’s fine but it you can’t and you feellike your foot won’t even come off the floor, just push forward.

As long asyou’re getting that stretch in the quadricep muscles and also the hipflexor, then I’m all happy with that.

That’s it! Just breathe into it and pushforward a little bit more.

It’s quite an intense stretch this one but so, soimportant.

Now remember, with any of the stretches guys, if you want to hold thema bit longer by all means do.

I’ve got no qualms with that at all.



Sit around to the front, let’sstretch out the inner thighs.

Nearly there guys! Good! Stretch forwardokay? You’ll feel them, they feel nice and tight.

This will help lengthen them out, hopefully relax them.

Just gently walk the fingertips forward.

Nowas I always say guys, keep those knees facing the ceiling as much as possible.

If you feel like you can’t open your legs very wide, that’s absolutely fine.

Everyone’s level of flexibility is different, okay? As long as you’re feelingthe stretch now, then it’s all good.

So that’s it.

If you can, just a little bitfurther forward with those hands, just creep them forward and hold there.

Justbreathe into it.

Now remember when you’re inhaling and exhaling through the nose, you’re bringing that heart rate back down, because you’re stopping thestimulation of the adrenal glands okay? So that is what’s gonna bring the heartrate down and help you feel a lot more relaxed.

Really nice.

So nearly there!Gently pull up.

Now wherever the feet are comfortable, I don’t mind.

We’re justgoing to stretch out the shoulders, so I’m just going to keep my legs here.

One arm right across the body, the other arm under and up.

That’s it! Now gently pull back with that arm, feeling the release in those shoulders.

So you’re gonna get a better stretch thefurther you are towards the wrist.

Very nice.

Awesome! Other side! So nearly there guys! Give me a biginhale guys! Exhale! That’s it! Give me one more.

Awesome, give yourselves a massiveclap! Well done guys! Take care.


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