The “22 Day” Ab Workout (NO REST!)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.


So what are you doing for the next 22 days? I hope what I show you here today.

I put together a 22 day ab workout.

Guess what? We’ve simplified everything because I’m goingto remove some of the excuses.

We’re not going to use any equipment, andwe’re not going to have to worry about all these different exercise variations.

What we’re going to do is give you a workoutthat adapts to your ability level and I’m going to pick 22 days as my day, and my targetbecause we know that it takes about 22 days to develop a habit.

If you can stick with this workout – it’snot going to take you long – if you can stick with this workout for 22 days in a row, who knows? You might be on your way to a whole new dedicationto your body in fitness because you’re able to stick to this.

Here’s what we’re also going to do: we’regoing to make it adaptable to your current ability level.

We do that with extinction style training.

So with extinction you’re going to get a settarget rep, or a set time that you’re going to focus on and try to last for each exercise.

Six exercises here, following our normal progressionfor ab training.

If you can make it that time you earn yourselfanother round.

10 seconds and another round of exercise.

Advanced people can be at this, and can dothis, and can finally get a challenge, no matter how advanced they think they are.

If you’re more intermediate you’re going tomaybe die off somewhere in between.

If you’re in the beginning stages of yourab training you can still try this.

If you need an ab workout as an alternativeI’ll link one in the bottom in the description below for that, but if you want to try this, go for it! If you reach extinction in every single exerciseyour first time through, so what? You’re still getting good ab training in.

So guys, I’m going to lay out all the exercisesfor you, I’m going to describe what each one is working.

Remember, we’re going to have a differentextinction goal for each one.

Let’s get started.

Okay, first exercise: heels to the havens.

We have a lower ab exercise.

Why? Because we’re taking the bottom half and we’removing it up on a fixed top half.

So with the heels to the heavens, you seeme doing here, if you’re a beginner and you want to try this you have two things you cando.

You want to aim for pushing up, straight upthrough the ceiling, get your hips off the ground.

Just don’t lower as much as somebody that’sa little bit more advanced.

Do this for 45 seconds.

This is your extinction level.

Again, if you don’t make it all the waythrough that’s fine.

You’re going to move to the next exerciseright away.

If you do make it for the 45 seconds you geta 10 second rest and you have to repeat this exercise again.

You keep doing that, resting 10 seconds aftereach completed round until you cannot make the 45 seconds, an then you move onto thenext level.

You see, this is how we accommodate peoplewith all levels of ability.

Nobody is getting away with an easy workouthere.

Moving on, now we’re going to go bottom uprotation.

Again, lower half moving, and rotating thistime, on a fixed top half.

We do that with our step through plank.

So look, here we’re going to take our body, we’re basically keeping the top of our body fixed here by keeping our forearms in contactwith the ground, and the shoulders facing the ground.

But we’re going to rotate the hips as I stepthrough, alternating from one side to the next.

The idea here is, you’re going for a 45 secondextinction time.

If you can last the whole 45 seconds you’redoing it again until you cannot.

Next we move onto our mid-range movement.

Here we want to hit both the top and the bottom, moving together.

We can do that with what we call our X-Mencrunch.

For the first time, the extinction is nota time goal, it’s a rep goal.

But you understand what that means by now.

The rep goal here is 12.

You’re going to do this exercise here.

It’s not easy, but you’re not coming all theway to a complete V-sit position here.

You just want to bring your legs and yourhands all together toward the top, and then come back down into this “X” position.

Legs spread out and continue to repeat.

12 reps here is your extinction goal.

Moving on we’ve got to hit the obliques, toobecause they obviously count.

I tell you all the time.

They taper in that midsection.

So what we do is an alternating thread theneedle.

The alternating thread the needle is goingto take the thread the needle exercise that I’ve demonstrated here before, and you’regoing to go opposite, alternating left and right.

So you take it here, you reach up to the sky, from here you’ve got to thread the needle, and reach all the way under.

Don’t lose your balance.

Then we come back out of it, come down, settle, and then repeat to the opposite side.

Go all the way up, come down, reach through, come back out of it, settle in the middle, and go back.

Extinction here is reps, once again.

It’s 10 to each side.

See if you can make it all the way through.

If you can; great job.

You just earned yourself 10 more to each side.

If you didn’t we’re moving onto the nextexercise anyway.

Okay, we’ve got two left here.

The top down movement comes first.

What are we talking about? If the bottom up was a fixed top and a moveablebottom, now it’s trying to keep the bottom as stationary as possible and removing thetop down on top of that.

Now the jackknife is going to allow us todo this.

There’s a little bit of movement on the legs, but it’s not the primary focus.

So we get here in this position, you haveyour hands out, and arms out straight, and you’re basically going to come up, do a crunchfrom the top, let the leg move up just a little bit higher than the other one, settle backdown, and go to the other side.

You keep going back and forth here.

This is back to time again.

We’re trying to go for 45 seconds on thisalternating jackknife.

Let’s go for it.

Make as many as you can.

When you reach extinction you’ve got one exerciseleft.

All right, finally we’ve got to go top downagain, but this time with rotation.

We do it with what we call a stationary bike.

People do bicycles all the time, and theybasically go so fast that they’re actually not even contracting or working their muscleswith any real focus, or attention.

But with the stationary bike we’re forcedto.

So I get down on the ground here, knees comeup to 90 degrees, hands go behind my head, clasping, or pulling on my neck, and whatI’m trying to do is literally keep a little bit of contraction here to that top – alreadycontracted – pulled off the floor, shoulder blades off the floor, and I’m trying to rotateside to side.

One elbow toward the opposite knee, the otherelbow toward the opposite knee.

Don’t move the lower half.

Keep that stationary, hence the name.

But basically, we want to make sure that we’rerotating from the top down.

This is 30 seconds.

This is not that easy.

It’s a lot harder than whipping away at repson one of those classic bicycles.

You’re going to get a lot more out of this.

30 second extinction.

When you make it all the way through this– and really, when you fail to make it all the way through this – your workout hasended.

All right, so there you have it.

Again, simple.

We’re going to eliminate all the excuses.

The equipment, the exercise variation, butnot easy.

I don’t think it’s supposed to be easy.

Nothing worth having should be easy.

Give this one a try, no matter what abilitylevel you are.

If you can work your way up over the courseof the 22 days then take advantage of that and go for it.

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In the meantime, if you found the video helpfulleave your comments and thumbs up below.

Let me know what you want to see here on thischannel and I’ll do my best to cover it for you in the days and weeks ahead.

All right, good luck.

See you soon.


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