The New Wyze Cam Outdoor – First Look and Impressions

many of you have been waiting for theOutdoor Wyze Cam and today I’m going to show you your first look at it and theFCC filing as well as some insights that I have into what this device looks likeit’s capable of and what we can expect from the Wyze Outdoor Cam as it comesout very soon hello Automators thanks for tuning inagain I’m Brian from automate your life and today I’m going to save you time bybringing it all together on the Wyze Outdoor Camera preparing you for thissystem coming and letting you know what this device is going to be all about andhow it’s going to impact your smart home now what we have today is an FCC filingthat has become very public and it was back in November of 2019 that thisfiling was put in now the point about that or why I’m talking about that rightnow is because it could actually change a little bit we know Wyze for the lastcouple of months has been in their second round of testing so there couldbe modifications to this but I think we can look at what we have today as thebasis for what we are going to get now I’m going to give you a moment it’s amoment of silence to look at the Wyze Outdoor Cam and go ahead so yes it looks like a Death Star and you need to just prepare for this being the look nowthere’s a reason it looks like this and we’ll get to that in a little bit butwhat you see as soon as you look at that device is you see the camera lens on thefront and above it you see a light sensor below it you see that big gaudyblack cover that is covering a PIR sensor and that’s the big reason forthat big ugly cover it’s covering that it’s blocking out certain types of lightso as not to trigger the PIR sensor to motion record all the time based onlight this is a really important component so it looks like that for areason now bottom right we also see a microphone port which is obviously goingto be very important flipping around the camera on the back side you will see arubber covering over what is the charging port or the power port for thisdevice and you also see a status light now the bottom of this device is just asinteresting as anything because unlike the Wyze Cam here which has this fullyattached and it’s you know it’s difficult to remove without getting deepinto the camera the base is meant to be a magnetic removable base and the reason for that is you have a couple of different mounting options here you haveceiling mounting and you have wall mounting options but underneath it alland and I should say we still have the setup or the reset button and we do havea micro SD card slot on there as it stands today now right in the middlelooks to be a tripod mount and this will give you kind of one of the first usecases outside of the norm I think I think the intention is that you coulduse this as a trail cam and stick it on a tripod like many people have withtheir standard trail cameras so that’s one of the interesting little uses therethat I’ve seen already with the device will go into some more of the internalsin a moment but the base station is an important component here it has twoantenna on it for wireless transmission it also has adapter a power adapter butit also has a USB port for charging the cameras themselves so you can actuallyattach to the micro USB port a cable that you’re going to get with thisdevice and then charge the cameras because they have their own internalbattery now the base station as I said they’ll be powered by the wall but italso has a land power or a land port for connectivity options so it remains to beseen whether or not for sure we’ll be able to set up the base station withwireless and wired options or if it will just be a wired option my assumptionalthough this is not confirmed every anywhere is that they will have bothoptions available it will obviously work better with a full wired connection ifyou have a lot of cameras attached to the base station now that’s not a numberwe have access to either as how many cameras will beattachable to this base station but I expect in the end both indoor andoutdoor cameras to be able to attach to this system now the other thing aboutthat base station is it has its own micro SD port and this would lead us andand this is again not confirmed to believe that we could locally record tothat base station with our different cameras how many at a time that thatremains to be seen and how effective that’s going to be remains to be seenwith the wireless transmission which is one of the first internals I’m going totalk to you about so internally these cameras only have the ability to do 2.

4gigahertz wireless transmission now they actually have the ability to dobluetooth on the RF chip that’s been included but that’s been turned off asof that FCC filing so it does not look like Wyze will be using bluetoothtechnology whatsoever in the Wyze Outdoor Cameras it does have that 2.

4gigahertz but it’s only wireless B G and n so 802.

11b/g/n and that isa little bit of a reduction off of many of the premier cameras but I think it’sa little bit expected when we talk about being battery powered which is the othermajor component of this so no wireless AC no wireless AX and that’s kind of tobe expected now the battery is interesting to me and you know we can doa quick comparison to a Blink XT uses two double-a batteries and they sayyou’re gonna get two years of life you’re not but anyways the the Wyze cams here the Wyze Outdoor Cameras they actually have what a lot of you willrecognize I mean I have these in my child’s RC racer and they’re usuallyrechargeable and they are in this case and they stick them together in a packof four and then they put them in which is what physically makes the Wyzeoutdoor camera larger than its predecessor here the Wyze Cam v2 soyou’re going to see this be a little bit of a larger Death Star therefore you so know what they’re saying is it is 19 to 24 watthours available on that battery life and if you looked at the base powerrequirements for the Wyze Outdoor Camera it’s 5 volts at 1.

5 amp maximum but whatwe typically see in these is somewhere between one and two watts of usage allthe time and that’s you can be continuously recording to an SD card soyou know what you’re not going to be replacing those batteries on a reallyregular basis in terms of you know every couple of weeks or anything I wouldexpect a number of months and maybe up to a year off of that battery set prettyreliably with some reduced settings you’re not going to be continuouslyrecording not at all and you aren’t going to have a lot of motionactivations and remember that’s why they have that cover on the front that makesit look like a death star so I think what I’m saying to you is there’s goingto be some significant choices to be made in terms of battery power orpowering by wall so you still will be able to do that when you look at themanual you know there’s a couple of things that will jump out at a lot ofpeople oh my gosh it looks like one base station per camera no that’s nothappening it looks like you can only chargethrough that back port no it is able to be powered all the time through yourstandard 120 volt connection and an adapter so you’re going to have theability to put these in a number of different ways it’s going to perform alot like these cameras but better for the outdoor conditions so I think it’slooking like a great system and I think it’s going to line up within the overallY system really well the only things that that you know I can kind of poke ata little bit that wireless transmission I feel like we should have the AC optiona little bit but if they think they can handle 16 cameras then I think everyonewill be happy with Wireless and the other thing is I’m not seeing anyfilings in any of country’s again I am seeing that thetesting was done by a lab that can do Canadian radio frequency testing but notnecessarily csa approval or ul C or any of that so we have yet to see any othercountry look like they’re going to get these cameras I’m sure you guys have aton of other questions related to this camera I will give you whatever I canand I am constantly researching to keep you updated so make sure you joinautomate your life by hitting that subscribe buttonotherwise you can check out our other smart home news we have a ton of greatcontent thanks for watching everyone and of course don’t hate automate.

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