The Nickel Cheese Place Nomad Outdoor Adventure & Travel Show Vlog#42

well i found me an other beautiful restarea right here in michigan ha ha ha look at thisthis is absolutely gorgeous with these beautiful beautiful bigtrees up here and then they got this nice little walkway up here and you cankind of sit down alongside here oh my goodnessis this nice or what oh look at that big tree right there ohyeah they go up way up there but yeah a very verynice rest area and uh i figured why not show you guys around alittle bit right this is so beautiful and uhfall is just around the corner and i saw they had some nice flowers overhere i haven’t gone all the way around to seewhat is all out here but i just thought this was sogorgeous i had to show you guys this beautiful beautiful area up herelike this is uh i think one of my favorite rest areasi’ve never been in this place i really have never beenin here and what i like about this whole area isif you look way over there can you guys see thepicnic tables over there right over therein the bush there’s another one right there you guys see thatlook at that i think we’re gonna go check them out over therewhat do you guys think good idea or what i think it is i’m definitely gonna gofor a little bit of a walk and see what’s allup here definitely i’ve got to check it outand show you guys if i see some good interesting stuffman this is just so gorgeous it’s a beautiful beautiful day out here todaytoo it’s uh right now it’s about 25 degreescelsius don’t know exactly what i’ll be infahrenheit probably about 78 somewhere up in that area and soi’m not sure what’s going up there there’s actually a road that goes upthere i wonder where that goes up to because this is just a rest area i’mgonna have to check my uh google map and see if it says anythingabout where this thing is going up to let mesee let me see oh i see that says pinwater look out vista point wall i don’t know how good you guys wereable to see that yeah there we go i think we’re going togo for a walk and check that out because if there iswater well you guys know me i love water andwhy not go check it out right but i love this idea ofhaving the picnic tables in the forest here a little bitwith these big trees got a little bit of a water fountain right theregarbage bin i do see some robins over therethey’re trying to hide from me but we’re gonna gofor a nice little walk and go see what’s behind that curve rightit looks like i found me a little bit of a lookout point right here like theysaid so let’s climb up there ohi’m almost out of breath now i this is a pretty steep hillyou got to climb up here to get to it oh it almost looks like there’s a littlebit of a trail i think that’s what we’re going to takeback looks like there’s a trail going back that way to the rest areabut let’s go up here and see what are they talking abouta lookout point oh i see a i see one of those yellow flapbirds flying over there but you guys seeing anythingwell let’s go higher see we can see anything rightthey got me curious now i’m pretty good pretty good idea on what they’re goingto try and tell us what they can see from up here butyou know gotta keep you guys curious rightwell are you guys able to uh see it yet probably not but uhlet me put you guys right here like this so i can hopefully keep this prettystable and let me show you guys a little bityeah that is our overview that they’re trying to show ushe is figuring it out yet what it is absolutely rightit is some sort of lake up there absolutely i’m not surewhat kind of lake it is i’m gonna have to look it up but uhthere is definitely a lake up there that is for sureit’s a good distance away there is a little bit of a breeze going on rightnow as you guys might be able to seeaccording to that it’s a little bit of a breeze going onso i’m not sure how far it really is from where i’m atright and so i don’t really knowif i would be able to fly my drone all the way up therekind of thinking that’s kind of looks kind of far soi’m not sure if i want to try it especially not right now with the windso but we’re about here on the road justyou know enjoying the beautiful scenery rightit’s time to start heading back i’ve uh enjoyed my timehere on this uh beautiful stand as i showed you guys ohthat’s given me a bit of a bad reflection therebut hey oh i see they got several trails in here ehso i guess you can go that away so which way do we goi know the rest area is for sure over there somewhere butwell then again the road kind of curves a little bit like that solet me take this route here let me see i gottaexplore right this is what nature is all aboutand if we end up at the wrong end we go back get a few extra steps andthat’s all it’s about right look at these beautiful trees thoughoh my goodness i just love it this is just the best time of the yearjust kind of go around and this is peacefuloh i doubt it if this is going the right way thoughbecause this just seems to be going back to that roadyep that’s what it is all right i guess i was right i gottai gotta kind of go that away so let’s go ahead and do thatno big deal we’ll just get a few extra steps and that’s alland i sure do need him absolutely man this is starting tokind of get dark in here in the bush a little bit butlet me turn you guys around and uh show you when we’re walking this wayright so you guys can uh enjoy the beautiful scenery just like meright instead of just looking at my ugly face look at all the beautiful trees oh myat least now it’s downhill i had to climb up hill earlieror maybe does this really go down there i’m not surewe’ll give it a try anyways that’s what nature exploring nature isall about right oh it does look like it’s got atrail going down there when you first looked at it from a further distance youcouldn’t see the trail going down here right but thisis just gorgeous i love i love these nicebeautiful trees like that straight shot straight up there nobranches in there that would be a nice log res just likethat that’s for sure i would not be surprisedif at night there’s all kinds of bears and animalsout here oh yeah i mean you look at this bushlike that there is not much on the ground right sothe animals can really walk quiet and don’t have to go through thickbrushes and stuff like that oh what has happened over here i don’tknow i don’t know what happened there to thattree but somebody’s ripped or touched it there that’s for sure maybe an animalyou never know right but i just love nature like thisthis is just so breathtaking to me oh my goodness i just wish i would havegotten here a little bit earlier then i could have explored this a littlebit more maybe did some bird calling and stuff like thatright now it’s kind of dark a little bit right oh my goodness look at that treei kid you not that’s probably two and a half footwide there at the bottom maybe at the roots at the root and over there that’sprobably three feet wide just gives you an example on how tallthese trees are and just a straight shot up like that imean that’s just a beautiful beautiful lognot sure exactly what kind this is maybe you guys can leave me a comment downbelow and exactly what it is yeah somebody drew a heart over theresomething c plus a not sure it looks like to trydrawing something underneath there too butthat’s not good you shouldn’t be damaging these treesyou don’t want to be doing that but look at this view here oh mygoodness i just love it man i wish i could justset a tent up right here and just stay here all night and stay here for awhile mind you i would like to be closer to the waterthat would be nice too maybe go fishing do all that good stuff butthat’s about all i got for right now oh that light is brightlet me dim it a little bit so that way i don’t get blindedwhen i’m walking here right got to keep an eye on theon the trail too right so this way i don’t all the sudden trip and fall withthe camera down right just like right here there’s a log rightso you got to keep your eyes on on the pass so you don’t fall down rightbut man this is nice so peaceful quiet calm you can breathe in andsmell that fresh air and i don’t have to wear a mask or nothinglike that right just i love it all right guys i didfinally find the tower and the trail trail kind of goes in there right wejust came out of it but what i wanted to show you guys isthis letter right here maybe i can zoom in on it a little bitand you guys can pause it and read it if you guys want tohopefully you guys are able to see that all rightand now just slowly uh go down and you guys can pause the video if you need toand just read it a little bit but this is nice and this is a littlebit from the uh other side of the entrance to the restarea i guess this is what you would see when you come in from the car side rightnice little uh entrance area right here they’re talking about this michigan laketower here somewhere i think i’ve seen it somewhere they havedifferent uh pictures of different uh kind of lakepost all over michigan i’m guessing how many ofyou guys remember me sharing a picture of this buildingright here this is a beautiful building in myopinion this is the picture or this is the placewhere i took that picture of the milky waythat was right over here they did add that little thing right there to iti don’t know when or you know when they added this part butthey definitely added that some hay and some freshwhat did it say farm fresh or whatever but a really really neat place lookslike we’re gonna have us a nice sunset today the truck coming offthe road here right now but anyways i figured i’d go ahead and uh ohthat’s super bright i figured i’d go ahead and close off theshow for today i am done with this videoi’m gonna go ahead and put it all back together for you guys to watchi hope you guys enjoyed that little uh building there i don’t think i’ve everactually shown it on video so i figured hey why notuh put it on video and show you guys that right to me that is avery beautiful building like that with the reddishbrown kind of color that is very gorgeous to me at least sowith that being said i do appreciate you guys watching today’s vlogcome back for more and uh be sure to hit that little bell icon when you subscribeand click on all because youtube has discontinuedto send you guys email whenever we upload a new videoso it’s more important than ever to make sure you click on all otherwise you willnot be notified and you will only be notified throughthe youtube app so if you want to watch my video andknow that it’s up that’s how you’re going to find out orwhenever i do a live show that’s the only way you’re going to benotified so with that being said check out my website i do have thepicture of that that uh born with the with the uh milkyway in the background on my website which is linked down in the descriptionbelow which is rudyd.

com a lot of people don’t know how to spellit so it’s rudi so d-u-e-c-k dot comcheck it out with that being said i’m out of here thank you very much for watching do you.

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