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com and today I’m really excited.

We’re gonna to be focusing on some really high-quality dog collars that are made for dogswho love to be outside.

So let’s take a look.

So the three optionsthat we have here today are the Ruffwear Crag, the Kurgo Muck Collar and the Wilderdog Maple Collar.

So starting with the Ruffwear Crag Collar, this collar is really lightweight and what I really like is that the material is flexible.

A lot of times on collars you’ll see that they’ll be stiffer and this is a really goodoption if you’re looking for something a little bit softer.

It’s gonna bend and move.

If your dog’s also goingto be wearing a harness and doesn’t need thestructure of a firm collar, this is a great option.

It’s got a couple of clipsso you have a leash clip, but you also have a separateclip here on the side which is for tags.

So what I like about that is that when you clip your dog up, you’re not going to have the jingling of the buckle from the leash that’s going to beclanking against the tags.

So you have a separatelittle spot for them.

So, overall it’s going to bea little bit more pleasant from a noise level perspective.

You can find this collaronline, it runs about $20 and it’s a pretty reasonable price point for the quality thatyou’ll get from Ruffwear.

So this collar is the Muck Collar, which is made by Kurgo andthis collar is 100% waterproof.

So if you have a dog that likes to swim, is going to be kind ofslushing through mud, getting out there getting wet this is a really great option because you can just take a hose to this or a towel, run it and clean it right up.

The hardware is really sturdy so it’s going a traditional buckle here.

And a little fun fact hereis that the leash clip actually also doubles as a bottle opener.

So if you’re out on a hike, you finish, your up at the top and want to enjoy a beverage, your dog’s collar canhelp you out with that.

You can find this collaronline for about $15 and it’s a great optionjust to have on hand.

(slurping) This is what all thecool kids are wearing.

So lastly we have the Maple Collar, which is made by Wilderdog.

We actually found this collaron Instagram of all places and you can tell from allthe user generated photos and everyone tagging themthat it’s a really good option for people who areoutdoors with their dogs.

So this collar is reallysturdy, it’s made in the USA and what I really likeis that it’s actually made from rock climbing rope.

So you already knowthat you’re going to get a really strong material on this.

If you have a pulleror a dog that just gets really excited that’ssomething to keep in mind.

The buckle is super secure.

It actually took me agood try the first time because if somethinggets wrapped around it it’s not just going to pop off.

You have to intentionally want it to be taking it off.

The clip is a really good size, you can fit a bunch of differenttypes of leashes on here, whether it be just aclassic clip or a carabiner.

And it’s adjustable and itcomes in a few sizes, so.

Overall really well made, made in the US, great option if you’regoing to be hiking a lot.

So if you’re interested in this collar you can get them online.

They are $30, come in threesizes and a great option for any dog size.

So today we really justwanted to focus on some brands and products that youmay not see all the time in your local pet storebut are definitely worth checking out online.

If you want to learn any moreabout any of these collars just head on over to The Dog People or click on any of the links below and leave us a comment ifyou have any questions.

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